2019 Teams


Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Augment Therapy is an interactive telerehabilitation software platform using motion-sensitive cameras to simultaneously collect critical data points and engage pediatric patients in a mixed reality experience without wearable technology. Augment Therapy software is designed to be used across all settings including hospitals and schools, incorporating artificial intelligence precisely for the special needs child.

AdviNow Medical
Scottsdale, Ariz.
AdviNOW Medical uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to completely automate the medical patient encounter outside of the actual patient-provider consult. AdviNow’s technology enables a physical exam with augmented reality anywhere and anytime reducing clinic costs while providing in-home care.
Contact Control Interfaces LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio
Contact CI is a haptics human-computer interaction company creating both hardware and software innovations for military, first responders, medical, sports, mechanics and manufacturing.

Washington, D.C.

 Floreo VR is a science-backed virtual reality platform for teaching social, communication and life skills for people with autism spectrum disorder. Floreo’s custom virtual reality content was designed by a team of medical, clinical and academic professionals, and the company says that it has achieved significant milestones in developing evidence that its VR-based system is safe, usable and leads to real-world acquisition.
Columbia, MO

Healium is a biometrically controlled digi-ceutical that allows users to see their feelings and can reduce anxiety in a short amount of time. Healium uses a brain-sensing headband or smartwatch and the user can see their own heart rate represented during a psychologist-authored mindfulness experience.

Sira Medical
Larkspur, Calif.
HoloSurg3D’s Augmented Reality Software app RadHA helps surgeons view radiology images in a new way by projecting 3D radiology images onto a real-word background. Surgeons will be able to better understand complicated anatomy, collaboratively plan for an operation, and “virtually size” hardware prior to surgery – making surgery faster, more efficient and safer.
Tampa, FL

IMMERTEC’s VR software allows users to train remotely through VR in an environment that provides a remote presence experience. IMMERTEC’s platform provides users with the ability to interact with the operating room theater, manipulate feeds such as an endoscopy of CR scan, and listen to commentary from training physicians and ask questions in real-time.

Lucid Care

Palo Alto, Calif.

Lucid Care increases patient adherence for centers treating drug and alcohol addiction. Lucid Care offers a virtual reality platform used in treatment centers that enables patients to accelerate their own behavioral change in treatment and reduce anxiety and cravings within minutes. By creating and analyzing proprietary patient data, the Lucid Care team creates personalized, results-based care.


Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Marion Surgical’s software enables surgeons to use real patient data and instruments to replicate surgical training procedures from a Virtual Operating Room. Utilizing the power of haptic feedback, Marion Surgical helps ensure surgeons perform at their best in the real world. Surgical big data gathered will open commercial opportunities outside of solely VR simulation training.

Digital Infuzion 

Gaithersburg, Md.

MirrorAR is a revolutionary motion capture and augmented reality solution which can be used in any field where home compliance and performance is key to user success; such as physical rehabilitation, fitness training or surgery follow-up. Running on most smartphones, MirrorAR overcomes traditional barriers to pose estimation such as partially obscured limbs, plane of view, visually complex backgrounds and the user’s position and distance to the camera.

OpticSurg Inc.

New York, N.Y.

OpticSurg’s software prototype leverages mixed reality to replace, update and extend existing medical technology making it portable, usable and functionally critical. Working with industry hardware (i.e. Hololens®), OpticSurg’s software solution enables ease in adopting new technology and will allow recurring licensing subscription revenue.


San Mateo, Calif.

Osso VR uses virtual reality to provide the platform, content and tools to bridge the surgical training gap. The mission is to improve patient outcomes, increase the adoption of higher-value medical technologies and democratize access to surgical education around the globe. Osso VR offers a complete services platform to customers that includes custom content creation, a curated hardware leasing and support program, and access to objective performance analytics.

MediView XR
Toledo, Ohio
MediView’s RTFHV technology provides surgical extended reality navigation. RTFHV’s extended reality procedural guidance will provide distinct clinical capabilities with value propositions for vested parties including healthcare C-suite with peer-reviewed cost efficiency, surgeons rendering care and, most importantly, the patient’s battle with various disease states.

SpellBound / ALTality Inc.

Ann Arbor, Mich.

SpellBound provides a scalable digital solution that improves patient cooperation with treatment while providing positive patient experiences in three ways: digital pain management to increase efficiency of procedures; 3D simulations for patient education that improve comprehension and help patients make better health decisions; and digital transformation of hospital spaces that gamifies the environment and encourages movement, such as walking after surgery.

Traq Global Ltd

Westlake, Ohio

TRAZER is a healthcare IT software technology and data analytics company that delivers data-driven, value-based outcomes by capturing objective and actionable micro data through applications for balance, kinematics, dynamic movement and neuromechanical function. Trazer technology and its data are used in healthcare, athletic, military and other markets.


Los Angeles, Calif.

VANISH focuses on chronic pain treatment, using a patent-pending method and system to achieve long-term pain management and efficacy. Focusing on accessibility of therapy and safe and non-invasive management, all content is produced in-house. Due to unique biofeedback and data collection system, VANISH’s technology collects, analyzes and researches biomarkers for chronic pain from large patient populations.

Karuna Labs Inc
San Francisco, Calif.
Karuna Labs builds immersive virtual reality neurorehabilitation software applications that treat chronic pain by rewiring the brain. Karuna’s virtual reality software is designed to fix sensorimotor incongruences and dampen the threat response that causes pain. Applications combine the best of Graded Motor Imagery, a gold-standard physical therapy regimen clinically proven to reduce chronic pain, with cognitive behavioral/exposure therapy and mindfulness training.
Beavercreek, Ohio
Vivid Vision specializes in visual rehabilitation software used by providers such as optometrists, ophthalmologists and orthoptists to treat patients with amblyopia, strabismus and other disorders of binocular vision. Vivid Vision’s mission is to provide eye care professionals with powerful new tools so that patients worldwide can have access to the best possible vision care.

Boston, Mass.

VRHealth utilizes the power of VR to provide innovative real-time medical analytics and enhanced patient and clinician experience at clinics and at home. VR Health’s unique medical and therapeutic software uses VR technology and AI cloud-computing algorithms to deliver enhanced experience and real-time data analytics.

Neuro Rehab VR

Fort Worth, Texas

Neuro Rehab VR’s technology immerses the patient in various therapy VR 3D exercises to stimulate their brain and help form new neural pathways to aid in recovery. Through new virtual reality therapy exercise development created by therapists, Neuro Rehab has also developed a data analytics and reporting system that records and generates patient progress reports.



Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Md.
SurgeonMR is developing an interactive software ecosystem to help surgeons perform procedures efficiently using real-time multimodal guidance in HMD-based mixed reality. It proposes to generate an interactive ecosystem for both training and practice of surgical tasks in mixed reality, by authoring a surgical mask and providing immersive training, assessment and remote coaching for live clinical performance. 
Virtual Reality Pediatric Mock MRI
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, Calif.

The Virtual Reality MRI Mock Scanner is a virtual exposure therapy experience for children who are about to undergo an MRI. The child simply puts on a virtual reality headset and is shown a CGI recreation of the MRI experience. The child is familiarized with a virtual radiology suite, is habituated to the sounds of the scanner, and is trained to stay still during an MRI to get quality images. Furthermore, using the native motion tracking sensors in virtual reality headsets, the VR MRI Mock Scanner can measure the child’s head movement and provide visual stimuli telling the participant when excessive motion has taken place.